Recent News

September 2019
I have a new toy. This gadget enables me to move the sewing machine around as I quilt. This makes it much easier than moving the fabric around which is what I have been doing up to now.


August 2019
Catching up on some of my commissions for wall hangings and table runners.


July 2019
So happy to be juried into the Sooke Fine Art Show this year. Many people complimented me on my quilt and it was sold on the first day!
I enjoyed doing a demo, answering many questions and showing how to “paint” with thread.


May 2019
Another successful Artist Studio Tour this year. Many people came to visit and I have enough commissions to keep me busy for the rest of the year.


March 2019
After many hours of sewing all of the pieces together and many more hours of quilting with glittery thread this piece is finally hung on my living room wall in anticipation of the neighbourhood artist studio tour in May.


February 2019
This is my entry into a travelling show with the theme of “20/20 Vision”. I took a picture of an eyeball and of a circuit board and merged them together using Photoshop. The result was printed on cotton which I then quilted and beaded. The show is sponsored by the Fibre Art Network and will be on the road for 3 years.


December 2018
Using tissue paper, table napkins, thread and sequins I fashioned these Christmas cards to send to special friends and customers.


November 2018
I was never really satisfied with the background for this colourful rooster so I made him a new one by sewing strips of various white fabrics together then dying it green.


October 2018
"Roots" was juried into the prestigious Sidney Fine Art Show and it was sold there, too.


August 2018
Enjoyed working on these two scenes using photos supplied by folks who want their favourite places depicted in fabric.


May 2018
The house is surrounded by blossoms just in time for the Fairfield Artist Studio Tour.
Lots of people visited and admired what they saw.


February 2018
I made this beautiful purple quilt for a family member who lost their quilt. Everybody should have a bed quilt!


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