Laine Canivet

Fibre Artist in Victoria, BC

About Me

My name is Laine Canivet and I’m a fibre artist.

I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, just steps from the ocean and the panoramic views of the Olympic mountains in Washington state. Over the past few years, my studio has expanded throughout the house and includes a sewing room filled with fabric, threads and embellishments; a painting room with several large tables, paints, brushes and stamps of every conceivable shape; and a paper room for card-making and assembling my hand-made journals.

Fibre artists these days are not making quilts like grandma used to do. Our modern-day ‘quilts’ are not for bed and comfort. No! Wall hangings made by fibre artists these days are heading to the walls of our homes and offices. Fibre artists are using computers for design and photo manipulation in addition to many interesting techniques for painting, dying and adding other created embellishments. The options available to make fibre art are endless and the only limit is the artist’s imagination. Welcome to my world of fibre art.

Recently, I’ve enjoyed recreating travel and nature photographs in fabric while adding colour and texture with paint, thread, beads, buttons and more until it looks and feels complete.

I invite you to browse my portfolios of pictorial art, abstract art, journals and photo albums, gift items and pieces available for purchase. Contact me to discuss commissioning your own custom piece. If you’re interested in learning how to create your own fibre art, I also run one- and two-day workshops.

I’ve always been drawn to working with fabric—it inspires me in many ways. Please have a look at my fibre world. I hope it excites you as it does me!