Laine Canivet

Fibre Artist in Victoria, BC

Pictorial Art

I love to turn people’s favourite pictures into unique fibre art pieces. After initial consultation with the client, I usually begin by painting the background fabric in colours to match the photograph. Next I create all of the major elements such as tree trunks, logs, rocks, bridge, house, firemen, and leafy tree canopies. This could involve using a soldering iron, a candle flame or heat gun. Then I apply these major elements to the painted background fabric, adding other fabrics and whatever else (such as a plastic onion bag, bits of metal, or melted cellophane) it takes to make it look similar to the photograph. The piece then gets heavily quilted to add dimension to the sky, water, fields, etc. The final step is to add detail like shadows and embellishments such as beads, sequins, buttons, ribbons. The result is a beautiful piece of art and memento of a special occasion to display in your home or give as a personalized and memorable gift.